About Us

Equestriess Atelier is the old weaved with the new. It is Old-World romance and family heritage combined with the spirit of rebirth and innovative design. Founder Wendy Orant drew inspiration from her Irish and Spanish roots and her love of traditional styles to create classic equestrian apparel with a contemporary twist.

Wendy began her riding career at age three in Boston, and when she was thirteen, she moved with her family from Boston (USA) to the Dominican Republic where her grandparents resided. With an Irish American father, a Spanish mother, and an adolescence spent in the DR, Wendy learned the importance and value of cultural diversity.

Life in the DR offered much, and Wendy, true to her passion, spent her youth riding horses. The DR, however, didn’t offer much in the way of riding apparel. “I remember my mom having to travel to Miami to buy me what I needed for riding, and absolutely everything back in those days was tan and white. I always thought to myself that one day I would have my own clothing line with breeches in every color of the rainbow!”

 Centro Ecuestre las Colinas, Dom. Rep : My Horse Bucefalo

While Wendy continued to hope that she’d be able to bring her products to the equestrian world, life, as it does, got in the way. But a riding holiday in Ireland would change everything.

Left to right: Brie, Wendy, Joules, Jennifer at Crossogue, Ireland

On this trip, Wendy took in the sights of the Emerald Isle, galloped on horseback along the countryside, and befriended a woman named Joules who gave Wendy the push she needed to make her dream a reality and this is how Equestriess Atelier was born.

Tipperary, Ireland

From the name to the logo to the apparel itself, Wendy has pulled from her personal background and family heritage to create some of the most groundbreaking products the equestrian market has seen in years. “When I started, all I had was the carousselle show shirt cover and I was sewing everything myself. I thought, ‘I’m a seamstress.’ Then I brought in the horse element: Equestrian + Seamstress = Equestriess.” As a nod to her mother’s Spanish heritage, Wendy chose the word Atelier which translates into seamstress workshop.

For the logo itself, the rocking horse represents Wendy’s love of the “Old-World,” as the oldest rocking horse dates to approximately 1610 and was believed to be owned by King Charles of England. The tulips adorning the sides of the logo symbolize rebirth and new beginnings.

Using modern technical fabrics, Equestriess Atelier has quickly become known for its stylish, yet functional riding tights and breeches. The “Trews” and “Breeks” are a nod to her father’s Irish heritage as they are the original names of trousers and breeches. Each pair is made with the highest quality materials that are built to withstand the rigors of equestrian life.

Traditionalists are attracted to the classic patterns like houndstooth and plaid, and those on the eclectic side will be drawn to the bright, colorful styles of the Spanish inspiration.

Herringbone, camo, and floral prints – Equestriess Atelier has a little something for everyone.

From Wendy’s family history, now to yours, wear Equestriess Atelier while creating your own equestrian heritage.